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  • IELTS £30.00 / hour
Hello everyone! After teaching English in six countries around the world, I spent two years as an IELTS examiner in China. I know the marking criteria and how to get a high score, and also common mistakes to avoid which can lose you marks. On Campusmate I offer practice IELTS spoken and written exams with grading and feedback. This is the best way to discover what level you're at, and what you should and shouldn't do in your real IELTS exam. I also offer speaking classes with error correction to develop and improve your speaking. SERVICES: Practice IELTS Speaking exam + grading and feedback Practice IELTS Written exam (parts 1+2) + grading and feedback Speaking discussion class PRICING: £30 per hour £15 per half hour Each practice speaking/written exam is charged at half the hourly rate.
Psychology BSc
Completed on May, 2007
Completed on July, 2011
Work Experience:
IELTS Examiner
British Council
05/2015 - 05/2017
EFL teacher
Southern Cross British Language Centre
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Owen I.