Business English
Business English

One to One Business English Course

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CampusMate Business English one-to-one lessons offer a unique learning experience to each student, where our tutors will create personalised study plans tailored to suit the students’ needs. Our aim is always simple - deliver the best online tuition and support the students to achieve their goals.

When working abroad, your company and colleagues will expect you to be able to effectively engage in various business activities, which requires you to be competent in Business English such as using correct vocabulary in professional context.

Your performance can also be judged on whether you know how to write formal letters and emails, how to engage in business discussions and debates, what is the essential etiquette, how to deliver presentations, and how to address your colleagues in a professional manner on both a day-to-day and formal basis.

These skills can directly impact your work life and how successful you are in your career, as they are reflected in your performance in everyday dealings, meetings and negotiations.

How We Can Help You

One of the best ways to improve your Business English skill quickly is to learn from a native English speaker or an industry expert, who will not only teach you the most important techniques in mastering the Business English, but also help you understand the western language culture in the office.

We strive to provide the best Business English learning experience to you, so we have recruited multiple native English teachers and industry experts to provide you with the most efficient and effective online tutoring sessions.

Whether you want to have a lesson in beginner, intermediate or advanced level, the tutors will have the appropriate lesson plans for you. The tutor will also focus on working on both your writing and speaking skills to help you focus all your attention on your career and break down language barriers.

Start Learning Today

To start, simply click on the tutors below to view their profiles, or click 'Add Tutor' and follow the on-screen instructions to create a Classroom.

Business English
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