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Canadian University Admissions

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Don't understand the Canadian university application process? Is choosing a university and a course making your head spin?

We often see students hesitate to pin down the universities they want to apply to, and this is usually due to their English test scores, their previous subjects and their future career. This is especially challenging when there is a limit on how many universities you can apply to at once.

As such, the main difficulties in Canadian University Admissions will often be finding a balance between securing a spot in a top university and having at least a backup university if things don’t go well.

There is more. Competition of various courses at the same university will also be different, and some universities have their own preference of student and it can be hard to figure out. This adds an additional piece of obstacle that the students need to overcome, which can lead to confusion or frustration when things don’t go as planned.

Let us help you sort it all out.

Our tutors will help you draw up a detailed application plan, and guide you to choose the universities if you haven’t decided yet. We will analyse the university course curricula and their academic specialisations and develop a personalised application plan and help you prepare all of your application materials.

The tutors will use their personal experience and background to provide you with advice on each stage of the process and review your final application.

In the coaching for your English tests such as IELTS and TOEFL, the tutors will focus on teaching you according to each school's specified English level requirements and improving your overall language skills.

In your interview training, the tutor will test you with the questions and topics that the interviewers most frequently ask, and teach you how to effectively demonstrate your strengths so that you can go on to effortlessly receive your offer letter.

Canadian University Admissions
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