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CampusMate Computer Science/ICT one-to-one lessons offer a unique learning experience to each student, where our tutors will create personalised study plans tailored to suit the student’s needs. Our aim is always simple - deliver the best online tuition and support the students to achieve their goals.

We believe that every student is different, and the best way to provide the most efficient and effective tuition is to teach accordingly to their individual capabilities.

If you are looking to improve your understanding and performance in A-Level Computer Science/ICT, it is usually not enough just to go through the textbook again with the tutors. Instead, it is important that you are familiar with some of the key study skills that are not presented on the textbook, such as how to create efficient study plans, how to use homework for revision, and how to practice for exam topics.

How We Can Help

In order to help you achieve your academic goals in A-Level Computer Science/ICT, our teachers and examiners will first identify your strength and weakness in this subject, and then focus on improving your performance in the weaker areas in the shortest time possible.

After evaluating your capability, the tutors will utilise revision notes, past papers, questions & answers, and mock tests to strengthen your subject knowledge and its application.

The tutors will also introduce different study methods and learning styles to refine your exam technique, and resolve all the problems you may encounter while studying A-Level Computer Science/ICT.

Whether you need help with the homework or wish to achieve a higher score on the final exam, our tutors are here to help.

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Computer Science/ICT
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