Essay Proofreading
Essay Proofreading

One to One Essay Proofreading

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CampusMate one to one proofreading service offers unique proofreading experience for our students - we cater to you and utilise a personalised proofreading plan that is tailored to suit your needs. Our aim is always simple - deliver the best online service and support you to achieve your goals.

As a student, the quality of your academic essays can often greatly influence the grades you receive at the end of the year. These assessments become more challenging when you need to write it in a second language that involves various obscure stylistic conventions, which can be difficult even for native speakers. What is more, your tutors might not be able to go through your essays to correct mistakes or issues.

Fortunately, CampusMate has recruited academic markers and editors that know exactly what the marking examiners are looking for in your essay, and the proofreader will help you to improve your essay and avoid losing precious marks.

How We Can Help You

Whether you are seeking help for academic or admissions essays, our online proofreading editors will help you to check and improve your grammar and phrasing, and give advice on how to achieve higher marks in your essay. The tutors will also enhance the structure, style and clarity of your essay, matching the relevant Western expressions and idioms to your writing.

In order to maximise the efficiency on proofreading your essay, it is best to send your work to the tutor first and agree on an expected result, and discuss the number of hours it will require before adding time to your classroom.

(Please beware that the tutors will not be able to write the essay for you.)

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Essay Proofreading
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