Find a Job in IT
Find a Job in IT

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Although the IT profession has a relatively high employment rate, many students get stuck in the interview and exam stage. It is still a relatively competitive industry especially if you are looking to secure positions in some of the biggest companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon.

If you are a young adult that just finished (or about to finish) your academic course, you might have thought about the answers to some of these questions: 'How to find a job in IT after college?”, ‘How can I work abroad?’, ‘'What is the best way to find a job in IT?’, ‘What if I don’t have any related work experience?’, or 'Why can't I find a top position with my IT degree?’.

Sounds familiar? Although there are many IT job vacancies, it is still important to know where to and how to find them, and how to pass all the interview and exam stages.

Easier said than done?

We have just the solution for you.

CampusMate’s IT industry experts and career consultants are here to help you to resolve each and every problem you have with finding a job in IT. Whether you want to find a job abroad or in the top companies, our tutors will guide you through the whole process.

They will also focus on addressing some of the less-obvious areas they you might have missed, such as how to choose between the different professional qualifications and credentials, navigating the ranking and hierarchy of financial institutions, understanding the unwritten rules of working in the industry, understanding how recruitment companies make their decisions and a series of other industry-related issues.

Tutors will also share experiences of their own success and training for the exams and applications they have gathered with the Global 500 companies, so that you will be more likely to receive a job offer for your chosen companies.

Our aim is always simple - deliver the best online support and help you to secure your dream position. Why not talk to one of our tutors today and discuss how our personalised career programme can help you?

Find a Job in IT
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