Ivy League Admissions
Ivy League Admissions

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Many students think that applying to US Ivy League universities is simple, but it is in fact a complex and arduous system.

After graduating from a prestigious school, every student has good grades and impressive achievements and awards, so it requires specific experience, knowledge and expertise to make a student's application stand out.

Recent statistics on Ivy League acceptance rate and enrolment numbers have also shown that it is becoming more competitive to get into one of the universities.

So how can you make sure you will stand out?

We will show you.

One of the greatest assets of our tutors is their experience - they understand what the Ivy League university admissions are looking for and how to catch their eyes.

The tutor will use their personal experience and background to enhance your application, prepare your English tests and application materials. Application materials are also some of the most important aspects of your application, and the tutor can help you to proofread and edit these documents so that they fully reflect your strengths.

They will help you to draw up an application plan and provide you with advice on each stage of the process and review your final application.

The tutor can also talk to you specifically about the universities that you choose, tell you the entry requirements and application process for each, and tell you how to impress them.

Finally, before you start university, the tutor can share their knowledge with you of university life as an international student, and accompany you through every step of the process.

Ivy League Admissions
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