Medical School Admissions
Medical School Admissions

Online Medical School Admissions Coaching

One to One Sessions for International Students Studying Abroad

The application process for many international medical schools is an extremely complicated system, and it is often different for every school. Each school has its individual entry requirements, and the differences between each school can be significant.

Therefore, as each school recruits students independently and each institution has its own preference, how can you make sure your application will stand out and you can pass the admissions interview?

Here is how we can help:

Our tutors will help you draw up a detailed application plan, and guide you to choose a school or university if you haven’t decided on one yet. We will help you understand their rankings, the content of their programmes, and what you can expect during and after the course.

The tutors will use their personal experience and background to give you interview coaching and provide you with advice on each stage of the process and review your final application. We will go through your works and portfolio, and help you decide what to prepare and what work to use to reflect your talent and skills.

In the coaching for your English tests such as IELTS and TOEFL, the tutors will focus on teaching you according to each school's specified English level requirements and improving your overall language skills.

In your interview training, the tutor will test you with the questions and topics that the interviewers most frequently ask, and teach you how to effectively demonstrate your strengths so that you can go on to effortlessly receive your acceptance letter.

The tutor can also help you prepare for the professional exams such as UKCAT, BMAT and MCAT with personalised and specific training.

Medical School Admissions
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