TOEFL Preparation and Coaching Course

Online Tuition with Former Examiners and Professional Tutors

Our tutors will help you:

  • Improve Speaking & Writing skills
  • Enhance Reading & Listening skills
  • Expand Vocabulary
  • Refine Exam Techniques
  • Understand Testing Formula
  • Develop Efficient Study Plan
  • Obtain Target Score

All lessons will be delivered online via ZOOM, and you can use your phone, tablet and computer to enjoy the interaction with the tutor.

If you are looking to quickly and effectively boost your performance for your upcoming TOEFL exam, why not let us help you achieve your goal more easily?

About Us

CampusMate TOEFL one-to-one lessons offer a unique learning experience to each student, where our tutors will create personalised study plans tailored to suit the students’ needs. Our aim is always simple - deliver the best online tuition and support the students to achieve their goals.

When preparing for TOEFL, students often find Speaking and Writing tasks to be the most difficult to improve. This is mainly due to the lack of feedback on the performance as there are no correct or wrong answers like Reading and Listening. This can lead to the student achieving good scores in Reading and Listening sections but lower marks in Writing and Speaking parts.

In order to support you to overcome these difficulties and help you achieve high scores, CampusMate has recruited past TOEFL examiners and professional TOEFL tutors to provide efficient and effective online tutoring.

How We Can Help You

Through our assessments and a tailored coaching programme, the examiners and tutors will refine your exam technique, guide you to practise past papers and typical questions. Whether you are raking TOEFL in iBT or Paper-delivered Testing, we will show you what the examiners are looking for in your answers and help you understand the key elements that the exam is testing.

With the experience from ex TOEFL examiners and professional teachers, you can comfortably prepare TOEFL at home and confidently take your TOEFL exam, and skip the pre-sessional English courses requirement at your university.

Start Learning Today

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