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UK School Admissions

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One to One Sessions for International Students Studying Abroad

There are many processes involved in applying to UK private schools, and the application requirements vary from school to school.

Each school recruits students independently, and each has their own entry requirements, teaching methods, subject set, education philosophy and entry tests. Choosing the right school for the child is one of the hardest decisions for parents.

However, we can make it simpler for you:

First, the tutor will give a thorough evaluation of the student and discuss the school choices with the parents.

Then, the tutor will use their own personal experience and background to enhance the student’s application and help him/her to prepare application materials. We will also help the child to select specialised tutors and guardians, provide interview coaching, and follow up with advice on each stage of the process and review the final application.

In addition, entrance exams are also one of the tutor's specialities, and the international students they teach often go on to receive very high scores in their exams. This can be reflected especially in Maths as they have mastered the vocabulary and exam technique and have become familiar with the style of the exam questions.

Furthermore, in the interview training, the tutor will test the student with the questions and topics that admissions most frequently ask, and teach him/her how to effectively demonstrate strengths and personality that will lead to effortlessly receiving the acceptance letter.

Finally, before starting the school, the tutor will share their knowledge of life at an independent school, and accompany the student through every step of the process.

UK School Admissions
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