University introduction
University Introduction

Online Introductory Sessions to Your University

Your local guide of every day life at your university

We have many online tutors here that would love to share their experience and knowledge of their universities. Many are or were appointed as university ambassadors by their international student office to provide information to students considering studying at that school.

These tutors can offer advice and guidance on topics such as university and student life, university culture, the surrounding city, university courses and teaching styles.

So if you are joining one of their universities and wish to know more about it beforehand, why not drop a line and see how they can help you?

University introduction
Tutors available to teach this subject:
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    • Alex W. Picture
    • Fei Y. Picture
    • Zed Z. Picture
    • Iyad Z. Picture
    • Gina D. Picture
    • Sam F. Picture
    • Rute C. Picture
    • Zara B. Picture

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