Write a CV and Cover letter
Write a CV and Cover Letter

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Have you sent off countless CVs, never hearing back from the company? On average, HR only looks at your CV for 20 seconds, and some HR departments even use keyword filter systems to sift through hundreds of resumes.

This can be quite frustrating for fresh graduates as it is hard to pinpoint the exact problems in your CV and Cover Letter. Is it because you have used a wrong CV template? Maybe you didn’t put in the required keywords? Or perhaps your cover letter didn’t show your passion?

As most companies will not reply to unsuccessful applicants or state the reasons, writing a good CV and Cover Letter for your dream company can be very tricky and challenging.

So how can you make sure your CV and Cover Letter will reach the right people and make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Let us show you how.

Instead of spending countless hours searching for the secret CV or Cover Letter templates, our industry experts and career consultants are here to teach you how to write a brilliant resume and cover letter that will get you noticed by your chosen companies.

Most importantly, the tutors will show you some of the unspoken rules of company recruitment and how to deal with them, such as how to alter the content on your CV and Cover and use specific keywords to target certain companies, positions or industries.

Why not talk to one of our tutors today and discuss how our personalised programme can help you to produce the perfect CV and Cover Letter?

Write a CV and Cover letter
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