Cheryl C.
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Hi, my name is Cheryl. I grew up in China and went to the UK initially as an exchange student due to receiving Government Scholarship in my undergraduate. Then I stayed to study Finance for my Master's in King's College London. Currently, I'm working on auditing for one of the big 4, mainly with Private Equity and Asset Management clients. I have cleared all ACCA exams with first time passes and am studying for CFA level II. I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you in university study, living abroad, cultural adaptation, and job application. Cheers :) 我叫Cheryl,在本科时期英国全奖公派交换了一年,又在金融专业硕士毕业后,现在在伦敦四大工作。在本科时期高分通过了ACCA的所有考试,现在在学习CFA。希望能用我的知识和经验在课程或求职上帮到你!
Msc Banking and Finance
Accounting and Finance
King's College London
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Big 4
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Cheryl C.