Bianca Maria A.
Picture English - Native
Others language Spanish
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Teaching subjects:
  • Business Studies - A-Level
  • Business Studies - IGCSE
  • Comparative Government and Politics - AP
  • Dissertation Proofreading
  • dissertation writing pack
  • Economics - A-Level
  • Economics - AP
  • Economics - IB
  • Economics - IGCSE
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Essay Proofreading
  • French - A-Level
  • French - AP
  • French - IB
  • French - IGCSE
  • French - University
  • Global Politics - IB
  • Italian - AP
  • Italian - University
  • Oxbridge and G5 Admissions
  • Philosophy - A-Level
  • Politics - University
  • PS and SoP Proofreading
  • Social Policy - University
  • Trial Lesson
  • UK University Admissions
  • Write a CV and Cover letter
Hello, I am a graduate student in Political Economy from Italy with experience working for the United Nations. I have 400 hours of tutoring experience working with international students aged 14 to 24 to achieve their academic objectives. I have helped students receive offers from LSE and King's College London. I strive to create a supportive environment in my lessons. I prepare a PowerPoint for each lesson, I am happy to mark homework and I am flexible with lessons times to meet your requirements. You can book a trial lesson for the subjects I offer to see whether I am the right tutor for you. I draw from my degrees in Politics, International Relations and Management at the University of Cambridge and LSE and my bilinguism in Italian and French, to offer support in these subjects. Finally, I am happy to translate my university admissions experience to Oxbridge and Russel Group universities into actionable insights that can facilitate your application process.
Business Studies
Human, Social and Political Science
Work Experience:
UN intern
06/2020 - 01/2021
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Bianca Maria A.