Tingyuan C.
Picture Chinese - Native
Others language English
Teaching subjects:
  • General Career Coaching
  • Materials Technology - University
  • Physics - A-Level
  • Physics - University
  • UK University Admissions
  • University introduction
  • Write a CV and Cover letter
Strong knowledge and coding experience in materials engineering and computational physics with expertise on using multi-scale simulation tools from atomistic to FEA level. Expertise in engineering simulation. Served customers across industries for material research & development for over 10 years. 計算物理背景,主攻材料科學。擅長使用DFT原子尺度到巨觀FEA模擬,並熟悉FORTRAN、MATLAB等工程上常用的程式寫作,10年業界材料模擬經驗,曾服務客戶遍及半導體、顯示、石化、航太等高科技業研發。
MEng, Aerospace Materials (Merit)
Materials Technology
MSc Physics
Physics and Astronomy
Tamkang University
Work Experience:
Design Engineer
AKW Ltd.
Project / Product Manager
GGA Corp.
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Tingyuan C.