Mary T.
Picture English - Native
Others language French
Others language Japanese
Subjects and prices per hour:
  • English for Academic Purposes £55.00 / hour
  • English Language - IGCSE £55.00 / hour
  • Essay Proofreading £40.00 / hour
  • General English £55.00 / hour
  • IELTS £55.00 / hour
  • PS and SoP Proofreading £40.00 / hour
I'm very interested in foreign languages and spent four years in Japan, where I taught English and became fluent in Japanese. I have also lived in Italy and one goal this year is to improve my Italian as I go to the country regularly. Another passion is writing, especially short stories and flash fiction pieces, a number of which I've had published. I have also been shortlisted and placed in several competitions. I adore exercise and have completed many endurance events. I'm currently training for a cycling challenge – from John o' Groats to Lands End in September.
English and European Literature BA
Cambridge DELTA
International House
Work Experience:
EAP Tutor
BPP University
English Teacher
The European School of Economics
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Mary T.