Yao Z.
Picture Chinese - Native
Others language English
Teaching subjects:
  • Computer Science/ICT - University
  • Find a Job in IT
  • Mock Job Interviews
  • Oxbridge and G5 Admissions
I'm an AI Research Scientist at Tencent AI Lab, before that I'm a senior AI Research Engineer @ Intel. I'm the main author of Apache Spark Distributed Deep Learning Library BigDL (, which is a famous open source AI framework around the wold. I'm also the main author of the PockeFlow, which is the world's first automatic deep learning model compression framework. During my postgraduate study at the University of Oxford, my dissertation got a top ranked mark. I also have lots of experience on successfully getting job offers from Fortune Global 500 companies such as Microsoft, Tencent, Alibaba group, Intel, Mckinsey, Amazon and so on.
Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
Work Experience:
AI Research Scientist
03/2018 - Present
Senior Machine Learning Software Enginee
05/2018 - 02/2018
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Yao Z.