Han Fu S.
Picture English - Native
Others language Chinese
Teaching subjects:
  • ACT
  • Common Entrance Exam 11+
  • Maths - IGCSE
  • Oxbridge and G5 Admissions
I have tutored GCSE and 11+ students at home and online. This has led to over hundreds hours of tuition, with students obtaining fantastic grades. I study a Masters in Statistics at LSE and I've achieved 8 A* GCSE grades. I confidently, and enthusiastically, teach Maths and Mandarin core exams such as the 11+, SATs and GCSE. I am exuberant when endeavouring a student to accelerate academically, beyond their "target grades" and I know that parents hold the same view.
Statistics and Economics
Work Experience:
Fund Accountant
Man Group
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Han Fu S.