Francis C.
Picture English - Native
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Teaching subjects:
  • American Studies - University
  • Business English
  • Chinese - A-Level
  • Comparative Government and Politics - AP
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • General English
  • Global Politics - IB
  • History - A-Level
  • History - IGCSE
  • Mock Job Interviews
  • Politics - University
  • Spanish - IGCSE
  • United States Government and Politics - IB
  • United States History - AP
Hi! I'm Francis, a qualified IELTS examiner from the UK. I'd love to help you get a 7.5 or higher on your IELTS speaking test! I can also help you with Business English and Daily English! I live in Beijing, and I'm excited to meet you. Let's get started. 大家好,我是Francis教授。我是一位来自英国的雅思考官。我对雅思有很多经历,我的雅思学生经常得到7.5以上. 我还能帮你学习生意英语或者日常英语。我住在北京,很高兴能认识你. 我们开始吧! About Francis English teacher with 8 years of experience and a degree in Politics and American Studies, living in Beijing, China. High level of experience of teaching Business and Daily English to native Chinese speakers, in classroom and 1-1 environments. Fully qualified and experienced IELTS examiner. Speak Mandarin Chinese at high level (HSK 5). Confident user of Chinese, both in everyday situations and in complex business negotiations. Lived in China since 2011. 自2011年起居住在中国,现居在北京。在英语教育方面具有数年的经验,同时拥有政治和美国研究学位。在一对一教授母语为中文的人商务英语和日常英语方面有非常多的经验。是一位具有丰富经验的官方认证雅思考官。中文水平高(HSK5),在日常生活和商务谈判的情况下都能很有自信的使用中文能力。
Political Science
Completed on January, 2009
Work Experience:
Professor of Debate
University of Chinese Academy of Science (UCAS)
IELTS examiner
British Council
- Present
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Francis C.