Alexis S.
Picture English - Native
Teaching subjects:
  • Common Entrance Exam 11+
  • Essay Proofreading
  • General English
  • UK School Admissions
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning (VR and NVR)
As a fully qualified teacher with 20 years experience in and out of the classroom, I would love to share my knowledge and experience in a range of subjects; English, Mathematics, Art, Reception/KS1/KS2 Primary, English as an Additional Language. The latter 10 years of my career, I specialised in Special Needs and have experience with a range of SEN, such as Autism, ADHD and Speech and Language difficulties. This has enabled me to have a vast knowledge of different styles of learning. I equip children with the tools and techniques they need to enable them to work confidently and independently. I give children thorough explanations of concepts and lots of practice to consolidate their newly learned skills. In my experience, one-to-one provides a safe, comfortable space in which an individual can fill gaps or misconceptions in a subject area or extend prior learning. This supports - renewal of self-confidence, reaching one's true potential and increased happiness!
Oxford Brookes South Bank University
Work Experience:
Classroom Teacher, Senior Management, Special Needs Coordinator
Westminster School
01/1997 - 01/2015
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Alexis S.