Daniel W.
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Others language Spanish
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Subjects and prices per hour:
  • English for Academic Purposes £35.00 / hour
  • French - A-Level £38.00 / hour
  • French - IB £38.00 / hour
  • French - IGCSE £35.00 / hour
  • French - University £40.00 / hour
  • General English £35.00 / hour
  • Oxbridge and G5 Admissions £45.00 / hour
  • PS and SoP Proofreading £35.00 / hour
  • Spanish - A-Level £38.00 / hour
  • Spanish - IB £38.00 / hour
  • Spanish - IGCSE £35.00 / hour
  • Webinar + Content £30.00 / hour
I am a graduate in MML (French and Spanish) from the University of Cambridge (St John's College). I studied at the renowned École Normale Supérieure in Paris on my year abroad and I am greatly fascinated by every aspect of languages. I have studied French for nearly fourteen years and Spanish for nearly seven years. I have been accepted onto the MSt in Modern Languages at Oxford. I have experience teaching KS3 (French and Spanish), GCSE (French and Spanish), Cambridge iGCSE (French and Spanish), A level (French and Spanish), University level (French). I have experience preparing students to study at Eton College, Winchester College and Harrow School. I have helped a student at The London School of Economics prepare for a French oral exam and I have helped a couple of students prepare for MML interviews at Oxford (French) and Cambridge (Spanish). I have taught adults also, including two Cambridge graduates.
Modern and Medieval Languages
Completed on June, 2018
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Daniel W.