Dr. Priscila S.
Picture Portuguese - Native
Others language Spanish
Others language French
Others language English
Others language German
Others language Italian
Teaching subjects:
  • Anthropology - University
  • History - A-Level
  • Philosophy - A-Level
  • Sociology - University
  • Spanish - A-Level
  • Spanish - IB
  • World History - AP
I am a Social Scientist with extensive research and working experience in Academia. My skills include exam writing, all phases of project conceptualisation and management, and conference presentation. My expertise covers disciplines such as Sociology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Political Sciences and Cultural Studies, from traditional to contemporary subjects of study. I am also an accomplished translator who speaks several languages. I can help you to learn Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish.
BA Social Science
State University of São Paulo
Completed on July, 2013
PhD Social Anthropology
Completed on July, 2018
Work Experience:
Freelance Researcher
Mouseion Ltd
UNESP Publishing House
01/2010 - 01/2016
Tutor in Social Anthropology
University of St Andrews
01/2016 - 01/2018
Guest Lecturer
University of Copenhagen University of St Andrews
01/2017 - 01/2018
Post-doc and Lecturer
IT University of Copenhagen
01/2018 - Present
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Dr. Priscila S.