Dr. Adrian C.
Picture English - Native
Others language French
Teaching subjects:
  • English Language - University
  • English Literature - University
  • General English
Hi. My name is Dr Adrian Chapman. I have a PhD in English from University College London (UCL) and over 15 years' experience of teaching English at university level (in both the UK and US systems). I have worked successfully with students not just from the UK and USA but from all over the world--from China, Japan, Australia, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Greece, and beyond. I'm especially interested in improving students' writing. I won't write your papers for you, but I will help you to help yourself and make you a better writer. Currently I work in London for both University of Notre Dame, and Florida State University. I have published widely in academic journals, and have also had poetry and short fiction published...
PhD in English
Post Graduate Certificate of Education
Work Experience:
Guest Teacher
University of Notre Dame
Guest Teacher
Florida State University
Adjunct Professor of English
Fordham University
Adjunct Professor of English
Richmond University
Visiting Lecturer of Psychology and Academic English
Roehampton University
Adjunct Professor of English
Foundation for International Education
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Dr. Adrian C.