Xule L.
Picture Chinese - Native
Others language English
Teaching subjects:
  • Accounting and Finance - University
  • Dissertation Proofreading
  • dissertation writing pack
  • Essay Proofreading
  • Ivy League Admissions
  • Mock Job Interviews
  • Oxbridge and G5 Admissions
  • PS and SoP Proofreading
  • Sociology - University
  • Write a CV and Cover letter
After eight years of studying and working in the US, I moved to London in the autumn of 2019. Currently, I am a PhD student in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Imperial College Business School. I recently joined Imperial College after applying to and interviewing with several American and European doctoral programs in management. In addition, I successfully applied for the graduate programs at the University of Chicago (2018) and the University of Notre Dame (2015). On the other hand, I worked as a full-time associate at the Ernst & Young (EY) Chicago office for about two years. During my time at EY, I actively contributed to the firm’s recruiting efforts at career fairs and campus interviews. Further, I am passionate about helping disadvantaged people and communities. Thus, I have been working with various NGOs in the US and China. Feel free to ask about any questions you may have about academic training and professional development. I’m happy to help!
PhD in Management and Entrepreneurship
Business Studies
Imperial College Business School
Completed on July, 2024
Graduate Student At-Large
University of Chicago
Completed on April, 2019
Master of Science in Accountancy
Accounting and Finance
University of Notre Dame
Completed on December, 2016
Business Administration
Accounting and Finance
University of Notre Dame
Completed on May, 2015
Work Experience:
Ernst & Young
09/2016 - 05/2018
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Xule L.