Ryan X.
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Teaching subjects:
  • Dissertation Proofreading
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering - University
  • English Language - A-Level
  • English Language - IGCSE
  • Essay Proofreading
  • Find a Job in Finance
  • General Career Coaching
  • Oxbridge and G5 Admissions
  • PS and SoP Proofreading
  • Write a CV and Cover letter
I am a final year student doing research Master in Engineering (Electrical) at the University of Cambridge. I am skilled in crafting personal statements and CVs and I have many years experience of teaching kids from 4+ to IGCSE and A Level. My bachelor degree was BEng (Hon) Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London (UCL). I worked at BCG consulting during undergraduate studies, therefore, I am happy to help students with their cover letters too.
MSc Electronic Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
To Present
Eletronic and Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University College London (UCL)
Completed on October, 2017
Work Experience:
BCG Consulting
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Ryan X.