Jiming L.
Picture English - Native
Others language Spanish
Others language Chinese
Teaching subjects:
  • Computer Science/ICT - A-Level
  • Computer Science/ICT - University
  • Find a Job in IT
I'm a full time software developer with 5+ years work experience in the finance industry, working for Tier 1 investment banks such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley where I have contributed in the full stack (specializing on the UI side) development of many different applications. I believe I can help you computer science concepts which is key in becoming a good software developer I grew up in Spain, and raised by Chinese parents. Spanish is my first language, together with Chinese - this means that I can teach you in either Spanish or Chinese if English isn't your main language
BSc. Computer Science
Computer Science
University College London (UCL)
MSc. Financial Systems Engineering
General Engineering
University College London (UCL)
Work Experience:
Software consultant
Morgan Stanley/JP Morgan/Bank of America
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Jiming L.