Prof. Len R.
Picture English - Native
Others language French
Subjects and prices per hour:
  • Accounting and Finance - University £90.00 / hour
  • Business English £30.00 / hour
  • Business Studies - IGCSE £60.00 / hour
  • Dissertation Proofreading £90.00 / hour
  • Essay Proofreading £40.00 / hour
  • Find a Job in Finance £55.00 / hour
  • Write a CV and Cover letter £50.00 / hour
Len is an internationally experienced educator, respected by all who have studied under his tutelage. He is an empathetic and benign disciplinarian who brings out the best in people. Computer literate and “always online” with unequaled turnaround speed, he has been a trainer of Philips executives’ for 15 years. He consistently improves students’ achievements and stays in touch long after they have qualified.
Business Studies
Business Studies
University of Beverly Hills
Business Studies
Business Studies
London University
Work Experience:
Computer Resources International
International School of Management
Private Tutor
Open Univeristy
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Prof. Len R.