Elena M.
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Subjects and prices per hour:
  • Academic Support Package £55.00 / hour
  • Business English £55.00 / hour
  • Dissertation Proofreading £55.00 / hour
  • English for Academic Purposes £55.00 / hour
  • English Language - IGCSE £55.00 / hour
  • Essay Proofreading £55.00 / hour
  • General Career Coaching £55.00 / hour
  • German - IGCSE £55.00 / hour
  • IELTS £55.00 / hour
  • Mock Job Interviews £55.00 / hour
  • PS and SoP Proofreading £55.00 / hour
  • Spanish - IGCSE £55.00 / hour
  • TOEFL £55.00 / hour
  • UK School Admissions £55.00 / hour
  • UK University Admissions £55.00 / hour
  • Write a CV and Cover letter £55.00 / hour
我的名字是Elena。我从英国来。我是一名具有教学资格的老师并且在英国,哈萨克斯坦,中国有多年的丰富的教学经验。我在北京教了两年英语,对中国的文化也非常感兴趣。我很期待与您相见。 I am a native speaker of English and have been a languages teacher in schools and universities in the UK, Kazakhstan and China for over 19 years. I specialize in preparing students for IELTS exams, Cambridge English exams and IGCSE. As a professional proofreader, I can also help students with CVs, university applications and proofreading essays. I am a Chartered Linguist, registered with the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London. I am patient, supportive and will always go the extra mile to help my students achieve their goals.
MA Translation with Language Technology
University of Wales Swansea
BA European Languages (German, Spanish and Italian)
University of Wales Aberystwyth
PGCE Secondary Education
Exeter University
Cambridge University
CertIBET Business English
Trinity College
Diploma in Proofreading and Editing (Level 4 ABC and CERTA awards)
United Kingdom
Work Experience:
ESL Specialist and Teacher of English
Teacher of English and Teacher Trainer
Associate Lecturer of English for Academic Purposes
University of Lancaster
Business Language Trainer (online)
Head of Languages
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Elena M.