Madeleine T.
Picture English - Native
Others language Spanish
Others language Portuguese
Subjects and prices per hour:
  • 11/13+ Pack £45.00 / hour
  • Business English £50.00 / hour
  • Common Entrance Exam 11+ £45.00 / hour
  • Dissertation Proofreading £35.00 / hour
  • Essay Proofreading £35.00 / hour
  • General English £45.00 / hour
  • Geography - University £45.00 / hour
  • IELTS £45.00 / hour
  • Spanish - IB £45.00 / hour
  • Spanish - IGCSE £45.00 / hour
  • TOEFL £45.00 / hour
  • UK School Admissions £45.00 / hour
I am a qualified primary teacher with 10 years' experience, and 17 years of experience in teaching English as a second language, and I currently work part-time as a Montessori teacher and British curriculum coordinator at a school in Spain. I also work tutoring primary students, and children with EAL (English as an additional language). I have taught and prepared for IELTS and Cambridge exams, and also SATS. I am also a mum, and my students always tell me that I am very friendly and loving.
Certificate in Teaching English to speakers of other languages
Trinity College London
PGCE Primary Education
BA Hons Geography
Geography and Environmental Science
Work Experience:
Primary teacher
English language teacher
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Madeleine T.