Wenju T.
Picture Chinese - Native
Others language English
Teaching subjects:
  • Art - A-Level
  • Art and Design - University
  • Arts School Admissions
  • Business Studies - A-Level
  • Business Studies - IGCSE
  • Trial Lesson
  • UK University Admissions
Interested in applying to Central Saint Martins? I've got all the insider secrets that can help you become the next talent they are looking for. To name a few prizes that I have won - Swarovski Scholarship winner, Cartier Scholarship Award, Theo Fennell Overall Best Winner, Bright Young Gems winner, Goldsmiths' Precious Metal Grant winner, Top in Vietnam for CIE IGCSE Art and Design, Top in Vietnam for CIE AS level Business Studies.
Jewellery Design
Art and Design
University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins
Completed on June, 2019
Work Experience:
Shaun Leane studio
Guest Speaker at the Business Excellence Seminar
De Beers Group
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Wenju T.