Ang B.
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Started off my career as a VFX artist, I was involved in films such as Life of Pi (2012) and Seventh Son (2014). I am holding a MA in Film and Screen Studies, Goldsmiths University of London. I have more than 5 years of lecturing experience, teaching film modules of University of Hertfordshire franchise Mass Communication programme in international universities and colleges. I have achieved the status of Fellow of UK Higher Education Academy. In between, I took a short filmmaking course at New York Film Academy (LA) and produced a short film entitled “0565” (2015). I am currently a PhD student at the Queen Mary University of London, pursuing PhD in Film Studies. 嗨!我是电影视觉效果技术员出身,参与过电影《少年PI的奇幻旅程》(2012),《第七傳人》(2014) 等。 目前持有Goldsmiths 伦敦大学电影与屏幕文学研究硕士。我有五年以上的教学经验,主要在电影哲学及电影制作等领域。我也曾经在美国洛杉矶进修电影制作。现今刚开始电影哲学博士学位。
Film and Screen Studies
Art and Design
Goldsmiths University of London
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Lecturer for Film
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Ang B.