Rachel F.
Picture English - Native
Subjects and prices per hour:
  • Biology - IGCSE £55.00 / hour
  • Chemistry - IGCSE £55.00 / hour
  • Physics - IGCSE £55.00 / hour
I'm Rachel and I'm a final year PhD student who has spent the last six years at two of the UK's top universities. I love learning and my main aim as a tutor is to inspire curiosity, along with passing exams. I'm a big believer in fully understanding things from the basics, not just taking short-cuts. During my time at university I have learned plenty of tips and techniques to make exams more manageable and have gained a rounded understanding of the physical sciences. I pass all these skills onto my students to ensure they succeed in science. I have been working as a postgraduate teaching assistant in the Chemistry Department at UCL for over 2 years, and have been working as a private tutor in London for over a year. All my A Level students got into university last year.
MA Chemistry
PhD Chemistry
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Postgraduate Teaching Assistant
Private Tutor
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Rachel F.