Lilia Y.
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  • Art and Design - University
I specialise in tutoring in Fashion Design and Fashion Design Portfolio and can provide friendly, honest and useful advice to students interested in pursuing a Fashion Design Education at a UK University. I am Singaporean but have studied and worked in the UK since 2003. Studying fashion in the UK was a life-changing experience for me and I hope others will have similar opportunities to study abroad too. 我专门从事时装设计和时装设计作品集的教学,可以为有兴趣在英国大学从事时装设计教育的学生提供友好,诚实和有用的建议。 我是新加坡人,但自2003年以来一直在英国学习和工作。在英国学习时装设计对我来说是一次改变人生的经历,我希望其他人也能有类似的机会出国学习。 For further information, please check out my links! Website: LinkedIn:
Business Administration
Business Studies
National University of Singapore
Completed on June, 2000
Art and Design
Edinburgh College of Art
Completed on June, 2006
Fashion Womenswear
Art and Design
Royal College of Art
Completed on June, 2008
Work Experience:
Lecturer in Fashion Design and Development
London College of Fashion
- Present
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Lilia Y.