Shiok C.
Picture 英语 - 母语
Teaching subjects:
  • CE英国私校入学考试 11+
  • CE英国私校入学考试 13+
  • 论文润色
  • 海外求职培训
  • ISEE美国私校入学考试
  • 数学 - IB
  • 数学 - IGCSE
  • SAT美国学术能力评估测试
  • 英国私立学校申请
  • 文字推理和图形推理
Friendly, patient and here to help. I`m an enthusiastic Maths and 11+ tutor and very experienced across all examination boards. I have successfully tutored pupils for their ISEB pre tests and entrance exams. I believe in focusing on each students specific needs and tackling areas in which the pupil struggles in. Whether your child is struggling in the technical aspects or lacking exam techniques, I will work with all my students to tailor specific requirements in order for them to achieve their best grade possible, often exceeding their previous attainment by 2 grades. I have confidence in delivering an enjoyable and educational experience for every pupil in which they are comfortable, engaged and positively challenged. I have sustained a track record of students securing places at high profile senior schools (via entrance exams) on a yearly basis, such as Reading School, Wellington College, Dr Challoner`s High School and Eton College, to name a few. Evidently, I have prepared each individual to perform to the best of his or her ability.
BSc (Honours) Financial Mathematics: 1st
Director and Tutor
Crystal Clear Learning
Shiok C.