Peiran C.
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As a graduate student in specialized translation at UCL with over 2 years’ experience in the field of translation and English teaching, I have already gained a very solid knowledge in how to deal with Chinese students in terms of English learning, and thoughtfully understand their needs in the procedure of applying universities in UK. I used to serve as a professional English training teacher in EIC (Education International Company), which is one of the leading Educational consulting and training firms in China. This job is not only giving practical experience in working place but also equipping me with a deeper understating of Chinese students’ needs of English learning. Since I'm majoring in translation in UCL which gives me an idea of how to bridge connections between two different cultures, and also the expertise of dealing communicative problems faced by Chinese students. Moreover, as a full-time education consultant now, I am dealing with various cases in relation to different scenarios, which enhances my knowledge in delivering an all-rounded service to Chinese students, and equips myself with know-how techs in educational consulting industry.
Specialised Translation with Interpreting
Senior Education Consultant
InterGreat Education Group
Peiran C.