Gaston R.
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  • 化学 - IB ¥590.00 / 小时
  • 化学 - IGCSE ¥500.00 / 小时
  • 物理学 - A-Level ¥590.00 / 小时
  • 物理学 - AP ¥590.00 / 小时
  • 物理学 - IB ¥590.00 / 小时
  • 物理学 - IGCSE ¥500.00 / 小时
  • SAT美国学术能力评估测试 ¥500.00 / 小时
I am a fully qualified Physics teacher (equivalent to master degree in teaching Physics). I have over 15 years of experience in different international schools world wide and taught to the IB , A level IGCSE (physics and Chemistry) curriculums. I have experience teaching students with a diverse cultural background and ESL students. I have an equivalent master degree in teaching Physics, a master degree in Geosciences at one of the top engineering universities in the world. I am an outgoing and industrious individual, who truly enjoys inspiring my students to be risk takers and become the best they can be. I put emphasize on practical work to promote the different concepts within science through a critical thinking process.
Physics A Level
Physics and Astronomy
VAS Vietnam
Completed on 一月, 2019
Science and head of Science
VAS Ho Chi Minh
01/2018 - 现在
Gaston R.