Fei Y.
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Hi! My name is Fei and I'm very glad to meet you here! With more than five years of professional experience in teaching English, student advising, and admissions, I am a passionate educator to support students to achieve academic or personal goals! I've decided to build my career in higher education services since I graduated from University of Wisconsin Madison with a master's degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis. I worked in Chicago for a year at a start up company to help international students find their career paths. Then I returned to China and worked as an Academic Advisor specializing in business at the third campus of New York University (NYU Shanghai) for three years. Then I shifted my role to the admissions to recruit students for the master's program jointly offered by NYUSH and NYU Stern School of Business. Now I'm living in Canada and studying French as the third language.
Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
University of Wisconsin Madison
Central South University
International Student Career Development Advisor-Specialist/Recruiting Manager
InternshipDesk Chicago
- 现在
Academic Advisor
New York University Shanghai
Admissions Officer
New York University Shanghai
Fei Y.