Shiyuan Z.
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Hi there! I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a major in International Studies - Economics. I am able to teach college-level economics, finance, and accounting courses. I also have a Juris Doctor Degree from UIC John Marshall Law School in Chicago. During law school, I was named twice on the Dean's List for outstanding academic performance (ranked top 15% across the school). I was also awarded the National Order of Scribes, which was a recognition for graduating law students who excel in legal writing. I have extensive legal professional experiences, as I was the prosecutor for the City of Chicago. I have also participated in a high profile bankruptcy case as their legal documents reviewer. Graduating from a US undergraduate and law school, I have experience with applications for top undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the US. Recently, I was admitted by the Queen Mary University of London for their LLM program in the International Shipping Law. I am also available for help with the application for UK postgraduate programs.
Juris Doctor
UIC John Marshall Law School
Completed on 五月, 2019
International Studies - Economics and Political Science
University of California-San Diego
Completed on 五月, 2019
Completed on 五月, 2019
Legal Document Reviewer
Robert Half
City of Chicago
Law Student Clerk
Cook County Public Defender Office
Senior Loan Processor
Destiny Financial Corporation
Shiyuan Z.