Samantha J.
Picture 英语 - 母语
Others language 葡萄牙语
Others language 法语
Teaching subjects:
  • 艺术 - A-Level
  • 艺术与设计 - University
  • 艺术史 - A-Level
  • 艺术史 - AP
  • 艺术史 - University
  • 艺术类院校申请
  • 商务英语
  • CE英国私校入学考试 11+
  • 创意写作 - University
  • 毕业论文润色
  • 戏剧舞蹈与电影艺术 - University
  • 教育学 - University
  • 学术英语
  • 英语语言学 - A-Level
  • 英语语言学 - AP
  • 英语语言学 - IB
  • 英语语言学 - IGCSE
  • 英语语言学 - University
  • 英语文学 - A-Level
  • 英语文学 - AP
  • 英语文学 - IB
  • 英语文学 - IGCSE
  • 英语文学 - University
  • 论文润色
  • 普通英语
  • IELTS雅思考试
  • TOEFL托福考试
  • 简历与求职信
Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Samantha and I am a British native TEFL, English and Arts Lecturer (PGCE, BA, TEFL cert, RAD RTS) I have been teaching for over 20 years. In the last 5 years I have been teaching for US company EF Academy helping students across the globe. I have a basic spoken level in Portuguese and French. I prefer to teach using a 'direct communicative style' using visual materials and task based approach styles so that you can engage in your learning. I like to find out exactly what you require and structure the lessons around those aspects you are wishing to develop. I have a professional, friendly, creative approach helping you in addition to develop confidence in speaking and pronouncing English correctly. I look forward to teaching you! Samantha Jennings
Completed on 七月, 2013
BA Open
Drama, Dance and Cinematics
The Open University
Completed on 七月, 2006
120 hours certificate
TEFL Academy
Completed on 七月, 2013
Teachers and mentors
Royal Academy of Dance (T Cert RAD)
Completed on 七月, 1998
Registered Teacher
Drama, Dance and Cinematics
Royal Academy of Dance (T Cert RAD)
Completed on 七月, 1998
English Teacher Online
09/2013 - 04/2017
EF Education First
Webinar Presenter
InterGreat Education Group
Private tutor
Silver Swans RAD teacher
Samantha J.